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Why Am I a Centrist?

When I was out meeting with the voters of the 32nd District on Tuesday, I was asked the same question multiple times, “Why aren't you running as a Republican or Democrat”? I was asked often enough that I figured I should answer that question here. I am running as a Centrist because I do not know what it means to be a Washington Republican or Democrat anymore.

I grew up here. I have lived my whole life here. I remember a time when Republicans and Democrats could disagree civilly, and work towards solutions that could help all of us. It was a time when special sessions were rare, and policy could be made even if the sides did not always agree. Now the refrain from Olympia seems to be “I’m not going to pass anything unless I get exactly what I want”. That attitude is childish, and only serves to hurt all of us who just want to live our lives with smart, and thoughtful, rules in place that make everyone safer and happier. I know that Washingtonians want to live their lives without interference, privately, and with respect. As our major cities have grown, and people have moved in, they have brought a political firestorm that is making this look less like Washington State, and more like Washington D.C. We do not need Trumps  in Olympia, we need hard working, thoughtful, legislators that will not just obstruct bills because they can.

I am running as a Centrist because I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat, I am a Washingtonian. And it is time that we sent people to Olympia that have our local values, and will give us the solutions that we want and need.  

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