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CAPR Endorsement

CAPR's Endorsement page for District 32.

CAPR's Endorsement page for District 32.

The Citizen’s Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) gave me a rating of Outstanding. The CAPR is a non-partisan group that is dedicated allowing property owners the full rights and privileges of property ownership. They rated my challenger, Rep. Ryu, as Poor. I’m not sure exactly why she was rated poor, but perhaps it’s due to her calls to eliminate the property tax increase limit.

Currently, property taxes can only increase by one percent per year unless the voters in that area agree to a larger increase through a vote (the complete property tax rules are here but are incredibly complex). Rep. Ryu wants to take away that limit so that your property taxes can be raised by a seemingly unlimited amount per year, and perhaps all the way up to one percent of your total property value. In King county that would work out to approximately $5,000 per home plus any other local levies that have been approved by voters. In Snohomish county that number is approximately $3,600 plus any other local levies that have been approved by voters. Those are just the county averages. 32nd district voters likely have more valuable homes than those in Burien or Granite Falls, whose home prices would bring the average down. For example, if you live in a $600,000 home in Richmond Beach or Edmonds, you will pay up to $6,000 plus any other local levies.

CAPR’s rating reaffirms my commitment to the middle class. My belief that this State’s infrastructure has been built upon the backs of middle class homeowners will lead me to defend those voters in Olympia and will make sure that our tax structure does not unfairly impact homeowners who already pay so much.

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