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We Need Representatives Who Will Actually Represent

I attended the Greater Seattle Business Area’s candidate reception last week, and many individuals there echoed a sentiment that I have heard from some of the voters who I have been meeting while walking around Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, and Shoreline. Namely, that they have an issue, they have tried to contact their legislator and have received no response, and they have no idea who to contact to research their problem or what to do to fix it. Most of these issue are issues that need to be addressed at the government level (LGBT rights, affordable housing, taxes, etc.). I keep telling these voters, that it is not their job to get all of the data and go to their legislator, they just need to let the person know about the problem and it is the legislator’s job to do the research and hold the hearings. That is why they are paid $50,000 for two months to three months of work. That is what we elect them to do, represent us in the matters that we care most about.

Unfortunately, partisan bickering and an inability to pass even the simplest laws have led to gridlock in Olympia. The legislature cannot even seem to pass a budget within the three-month timeframe even when that is seemingly the only thing they are working on. That leads to costly special sessions, and makes it so that your legislators are unable to represent you with your day to day issues.

If we keep sending the same people to Olympia, then we should not be surprised if we get the same results. It is time that we sent a message that we are all tired of the same results and we want representative who will represent us, and not just grandstand while failing to produce. I vow to listen to the concerns of all of my constituents, and to research the issues to provide them the help they need. I will respond to any question, whether it comes over the phone, through an email, or on social media. I would be honored to go to Olympia and to stand up for each and every voter in the 32nd district, and I hope to count on your support in the August 2nd primary.

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