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How to Reform Washington Elections

I came across this video a little while ago, and it perfectly illustrates why we need fundamental election reform in this state. Our current voting system rewards the parties instead of the candidates by making people feel like they are “throwing their vote away” by voting for whomever is not endorsed by one of the major parties. Or, as I was asked recently when I stated that I was considering a third party vote, “So basically you are voting for Trump?”

Firstly, I want to ask, why was the question not, “So basically you are voting for Hilary?” Secondly, my vote for a representative should never be seen as a vote not for one major party and in favor of another major party. I can and do vote in line with my conscience and what I think is best; assets that I will take with me to Olympia. Unfortunately, our current voting system basically allows incumbents to rest during campaign season and hope that voters will just vote for a party. That is not how our government is supposed to function. If I believe that a “minor party” candidate best represents my viewpoint, then I should vote for them without fear that I am “wasting a vote”. That is why the Alternative Vote, or as I like to call it “Candidate Ranking”, is the best system. It would afford outsider candidates a better chance of success because more people might want a smaller party candidate instead of the person that the Democrats or Republicans march out. If this system were in place nationwide, perhaps we would have a Bernie v Kasich election instead of a Hilary v Trump.

I know that some people may ask, “won’t this be expensive?” The answer is no.  You would not need to have a primary because under this system it would not matter how many people ran. It could be resolved in a single election. Also, the Democratic party does not consider primary results (ironic, I know) in presidential elections, so that could be eliminated all together to help offset costs.

The reality of this new voting system is that we would have better representation, and it would take us away from a party system that is failing the voters at an increasing rate. As an Independent candidate, I am the only person that you will hear pushing for this reform. Major parties do not want it because it will weaken their chokehold on statewide elections. It is a reform that will allow all of the citizens of the 32nd district, and the State of Washington, to have the representation that they deserve.

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