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Fighting Traffic and Creating Jobs

There are many days when I leave my house near the 405-I5 interchange and look at a solid line of break lights heading south into Seattle. I then look North and see completely open freeway to Everett. When I see that I realize that we are using our highways in a completely inefficient way. If we could get more people moving north to work, everyone could get to work, and home, more quickly, and we could prevent a large amount of needless pollution by limiting the amount of time our cars are idling but not moving.

That is why I was so encouraged when Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin said that she wanted to bring jobs to Everett. I was even more excited to learn that former Governor Gregoire wants to work on regional job growth. I want jobs in the 32nd district simply to have jobs in the 32nd district. I also want jobs in the 32nd district because by working close to where you live, we can reduce congestion and pollution. We can take care of our environment, while also getting home to our friends, family, and other loved ones more quickly.

I work in Redmond. I am lucky enough to go to work early most days, but sometimes I have to get from Lynnwood to Redmond at 8 or 9 and come home between 4 and 5. Those days, I spend over an hour on the roads each way. I get angry and frustrated having to fight through traffic. Usually the 405 toll lanes are already maxed out at $10 and still are not moving. I end up taking side roads, through neighborhoods that surely do not want commuters, just to save some time. In other words, I understand the frustrations of people trying to fight traffic every day. I am committed to working on this problem, and part of the solution is figuring out how to get jobs to people instead of desperately trying to get people to jobs. Send me to Olympia so that I can work with Gov. Gregoire and Mayor Franklin to bring quality jobs to you.

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