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Transporation in the 32nd District

Snohomish county is growing fast. Really, really fast. The growth may be the fastest in the South County region. An area that includes Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, and Lynnwood. In other words, the 32nd District. This growth is only going to accelerate when light rail reaches Lynnwood in 2024. That means that the next six years are critical when it comes to figuring out a regional transit plan for the area.

As anyone who lives in the area can tell you, Seattle’s traffic is a disaster every day. As South Snohomish County grows, the traffic continues to get worse here as well. I do not believe that anyone in the 32nd district wants their traffic to look like Seattle’s. Which means that we must figure out transportation solutions now, instead of when the traffic is too bad to fix.

Community and Sound Transits are already making progress. CT is offering more Swift service, including a new “orange” line. ST is working on offering light rail to Everett. But the State can still do more to help one of its fastest growing regions. The 32nd District needs to demand funding to fast track these projects. The State needs to work on expanding 196th from Edmonds to Thrasher’s Corner, and beyond, there needs to be more holding capacity at the Edmonds ferry to ensure smooth traffic flow during busy traffic times, and other east-west thoroughfares in the 32nd District need increased capacity and transit options. And those are just a few of the transportation challenges this area faces.

These problems are not going away, and our representatives need to handle them now so that we do not leave a mess for our children to clean up later.

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